Sex During COVID

Whether you have sex for self-indulgence or work, here are some health tips to keep you safe during COVID-19.

Infographic or image of the six primary points of having sex during COVID, from sex toys to PrEP/condoms.
  1. You are your safest sex partner: Find safe ways to make yourself feel good, such as masturbation and sex toys. Be mindful as you take pleasure.
  2. Sex from a distance: Use technology to get off: phone sex, sexting, chat rooms, viewing porn, or camming/video dates through apps, and more.
  3. Selective Partners: Kissing & rimming can pass COVID-19. Mask up, or keep a small circle of trusted consenting partners.
  4. Have sex with as few partners as possible and talk to your partners about test results before you have sex.
  5. Wash up: Washing before and after sex is more important than ever whether it’s you or your toys. Wash your body with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds, and the same with your sex toys. Remember to disinfect keyboards and touch screens, especially if you share with others.
  6. Get Tested for COVID-19 & HIV/STIs: With many illnesses impacting our community, stay updated on your status. Experiencing COVID-19 symptoms? Contact your healthcare provider immediately or seek a COVID-19 test. Yes, there are some free testing sites (walkup/drive-thru); view COVID-19 testing sites. You can also order COVID-19 tests online, click here. No COVID-19 symptoms? Schedule an appointment today to learn about your HIV/STI status, and receive treatment guidance if positive. View HIV/STI available appointments.
  7. Condoms, PrEP, Dental Dams, & More: Prevent the contraction and spread of viruses. Condoms and dental dams help prevent the transmission of HIV & STIs. PrEP and having an undetectable viral load help prevent the transmission of only HIV. Remember, PrEP is most effective when taken daily and consistently. PEP is a medication to take at most 72 hours after you believe you’ve been exposed. The sooner you take the medication, the more effective it will be.
  8. Abstinence: No sex at all is always an option and can further reduce the chances of contraction.



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