by Elizabeth Christman, Gay City Intern

Photo of Mx. Rian Roberson, a Seattle QTPOC therapist

Our amazing guest columnist/intern Izzy Christman spoke with one of Seattle’s leading therapists Mx. Rian Roberson, a QTPOC individual born in the Northwest.

Tell us about you.

Growing up a queer, black-white biracial person in predominantly white Seattle, diversity has always been a dominant theme in my life. I’ve always been curious about people — how they work and why. As an adult, that curiosity evolved into a passion for social justice and the desire to thoroughly explore my many intersecting identities.

How has COVID-19 impacted members of marginalized identities (LGBTQ+, BIPOC)?

For that…

By Enrique Herrera, Gay City supporter

Our lives change. Sometimes it’s caused by a global pandemic, finding that special partner(s) to spend our lives with, or just wanting to reduce the risk of an HIV infection.

If that’s you. PrEP may be for you.

PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) is a pill HIV-negative individuals take to prevent the contraction of HIV.

Starting PrEP

Congratulations on thinking about ways to reduce your risk for HIV! Our testing advocates can help get you connected to the resources and support you need. Your first PrEP appointment only takes one hour. After that, you will have…

Image by Matt Trostle from Pixabay

By Elizabeth Christman, Gay City Intern

Most of my memories of my father include cigarettes. He always had a hand-rolled cigarette in his hand or a pouch of tobacco and rolling papers in his shirt pocket, ready for his smoke break. He spent hours reading at the kitchen counter, bent over his book and his utterly useless smokeless ashtray, the smell of American Spirits slowly filling the house. He only quit when he was diagnosed with COPD, when he was well into his seventies. …

By Maya Green, Intern

This April, it’s time to make our voices heard — by going silent.

Friday, April 23 marks the 25th anniversary of the first Day of Silence. A tradition started at the University of Virginia in the late ’90s, the day raises awareness of the harassment and bullying young members of the queer community face. Participants in the Day of Silence vow to not speak for an entire day, voluntarily silencing themselves in solidarity with countless LGBTQ+ people who are involuntarily quieted.

Five years after the first Day of Silence, the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education…

Whether you have sex for self-indulgence or work, here are some health tips to keep you safe during COVID-19.

Infographic or image of the six primary points of having sex during COVID, from sex toys to PrEP/condoms.
  1. You are your safest sex partner: Find safe ways to make yourself feel good, such as masturbation and sex toys. Be mindful as you take pleasure.
  2. Sex from a distance: Use technology to get off: phone sex, sexting, chat rooms, viewing porn, or camming/video dates through apps, and more.
  3. Selective Partners: Kissing & rimming can pass COVID-19. Mask up, or keep a small circle of trusted consenting partners.
  4. Have sex with as few partners as possible and talk to your partners…

By Maya Green

“When can I get my COVID-19 vaccine?” has been the question on many Americans’ lips since the Pfizer vaccine first became available in the United States back in December. Now, almost three months later, 21% of Americans have gotten their first shot, with the majority still wondering when it will be their turn. However, for many Americans, it is not as simple as waiting for a call, hopping in a car, and driving to a vaccine site. As with several healthcare-related issues in the U.S., …

By Maya Green

In 1987, the United States Congress officially designated March as National Women’s History Month. 34 years later, we recognize this month as a time to reflect on the indelible legacies of women whose contributions continue to make our country and world more creative, informed, just, and free.

These ten LGBTQ+ women are activists, feminists, writers, leaders, musicians and astronauts. They were and are the lifeblood of movements such as Women’s Suffrage, LGBTQ+ Rights, March For Our Lives, and countless more. And this list is only the beginning! …

Photo of a yellow measuring tape with black numbers ranging from 17 to 25 and red number 20

By Elizabeth Christman

The Pandemic Diet: How to Lose the Quarantine 15, declares one headline; Battling the Quarantine 15 says another; What to Do About Weight Gain During the Pandemic. A simple search, or even a brief stroll through your social media timeline, reveals article after article telling you not only that weight gain during a pandemic is bad, but that it is something that you should care about deeply.

These headlines aren’t from vanity publications, either. These are pulled directly from ABC News, WebMD, and even Yale Medicine. These are places where people go for facts, for assistance with…

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